National Survey of Course Evaluation in Higher Education

This Agreement was last modified on March 10, 2017.

CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: The researchers conducting this survey shall hold as confidential all information that might identify a respondent with his or her responses.

Any public available reports of the survey data will be in a form that will make it impossible to determine the identity of the individual respondents and their institutional affiliation. That is, the survey responses will not be reported in any way in which the anonymity of the survey respondents is not assured.

All survey responses are collected by a secure, password-restricted server. Access to raw data will be tightly restricted to the individuals directly involved in data analysis. The researchers will retain the sole ownership of all raw data.

By volunteering to complete this survey you are permitting us to contact you by email to send you a report of survey results. You will have the option to opt-out of any further communication with the researchers and their representatives who may contact you for your feedback on the survey items or to clarify your responses. The survey report will be emailed to participants as soon as sufficient data is collected. A final report will be made available via a website to be established once the results have been tabulated.

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