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Since 1990, I have taught more than 12,000 students at universities, in corporate training seminars, at conference workshops and online.  Let me show you how to “Keep Your Customers Forever”: higher attendance, deep engagement and long-term retention of your clients, members, students and customers. Click on the course buttons below.

Are you hosting a big webinar soon? Will you ask the psychological trigger questions to guarantee guests will attend? Will you “close the loop” to ensure your audience stays in their seats until you unveil your offer? Have you constructed a “survey conversation” for the non-buyers to keep them opening your emails months after your webinar has ended? Here’s how.

Don't Launch Your Survey Yet - Fix these 4 "traps" first!

For those that CREATE online surveys, reaction sheets, and evaluation forms:  Learn to identify and avoid the 4 time-wasting traps in SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Survey Gizmo and other web-based survey creation tools that reduce response rates, annoy respondents & muddy your results. 

Secrets That Make Surveys Work

You just created a survey for your customers, members, employees, or students – that’s great! Now comes the hard part: trying to get a lot of people to fill it out and give meaningful comments so you have valid and useful results. But how do you get people to NOT skip your instructions, make rating errors, and write vague and unhelpful comments?  Here are the answers.

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