The Secret to Better Surveys


  The Secret to Better Surveys: http://mirasee.com/blog/surveys-matt-champagne/ 
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  • At 4:00 – Matt talks about what the ‘autopsy approach’ is, and the biggest mistakes businesses make.
  • At 8:00 – Matt explains his principles of psychology, and shows how social media would fail if we treated it like we treat our surveys.
  • At 11:00 – According to Matt, surveys are key to earning lifelong customers, and he explains the why and how. He also explains why ‘asking’ is the complete wrong approach.
  • At 18:00 – Matt explains why he doesn’t use the ‘satisfied customer’ approach, and the surprising way to make your customers happy.
  • At 22:00 – Matt sums up what makes a great survey, and the short list of what you need to do to create it.

How to Use Surveys So Your Customers Actually Respond To You

undeniably great

 Runtime: 53 Minutes

Dr. Matt Champagne has created and critiqued more than 6000 surveys for learning organizations. He’s been an advisor to dozens of fortune 100 companies and non-profit organizations. He was named Technology Visionary of 2015 by Survey magazine for his pioneering work merging psychological principles and online educational technologies. He’s been a speaker at over 60+ conferences.

If you’ve ever been frustrated about the results of your surveys, Dr. Champagne’s strategies will help you turn the corner and start using surveys in a much more productive and effective way. Get to know your clients and build stronger relationships with them while creating raving fans.

Show Notes 

 4:45 Matt’s takeaways from seeing over 6 thousand surveys

11:00 How to get a high percentage reply

14:11 What you should send in your first email for your survey. 

18:00 Why should you do surveys.

25:15 The biggest takeaway from doing surveys and Matt’s survey plan.

34:00 3 Strategies you can apply to your surveys.

40:00 We turn the corner and ask Matt about him.