How to Use Surveys So Your Customers Actually Respond To You

Dr. Matt Champagne has created and critiqued more than 6000 surveys for learning organizations. He’s been an adviser to dozens of fortune 100 companies and non-profit organizations. He was named Technology Visionary of 2015 by Survey magazine for his pioneering work merging psychological principles and online educational technologies. He’s been a speaker at over 60+ conferences.

If you’ve ever been frustrated about the results of your surveys, Dr. Champagne’s strategies will help you turn the corner and start using surveys in a much more productive and effective way. Get to know your clients and build stronger relationships with them while creating raving fans.

Show Notes
 - Matt’s takeaways from seeing over 6 thousand surveys
11:00 - How to get a high percentage reply
14:11 - What you should send in your first email for your survey.
18:00 Why should you do surveys.
25:15The biggest takeaway from doing surveys and Matt’s survey plan.
34:003 Strategies you can apply to your surveys.
40:00 We turn the corner and ask Matt about him.