The Secret to Better Surveys

Having a ‘satisfied’ customer isn’t enough these days. What you need to do is create ‘lifers,’ and one of the best ways to do that is through surveys. Yes, I said surveys. But just ‘asking’ isn’t enough. Today’s guest, Dr. Matt Champagne has been helping businesses create better surveys for nearly two decades. And he’s convinced that nearly all of us have been doing it wrong.

Show Notes
4:00 – Matt talks about what the ‘autopsy approach’ is, and the biggest mistakes businesses make.
8:00 – Matt explains his principles of psychology, and shows how social media would fail if we treated it like we treat our surveys.
11:00 – According to Matt, surveys are key to earning lifelong customers, and he explains the why and how. He also explains why ‘asking’ is the complete wrong approach.
18:00 – Matt explains why he doesn’t use the ‘satisfied customer’ approach, and the surprising way to make your customers happy.
22:00 – Matt sums up what makes a great survey, and the short list of what you need to do to create it.