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3 Billion Reasons to stop “satisfying” your customers

We need to stop trying to satisfy our customers, members and clients, and focus on turning them into LIFERS - folks that aren't going to leave us for a lifetime. Here are the 3 billion reasons why:

We've all heard that in the next 6-8 years there is going to be 3 billion people coming on to the internet. 3 billion people who will have smart devices and who will have high speed internet. Some may think, "That’s great news - I'm going to have 3 billion new customers!’

I don’t think so.

These are 3 billion people who have pent up desires and ideas. They want to make a better life for themselves and their family. They’re going to be entrepreneurs. They’re going to be building products.

Maybe some just like yours. They’re going to be creating services.

Maybe just like yours.

This is 3 billion *competitors* coming online. So if you haven't turned your customers and members into lifers yet, and you are just focused on tracking which ones are "satisfied", then you need to tune in again to the 4 Minute Entrepreneur. "Satisfied customers" are always looking to the next shiny new object, and they will be satisfied with someone else too. Maybe one of these 3 billion new entrepreneurs!

To your success! --matt


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