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3 Billion Reasons To Not “Satisfy” Your Customers

3 Billion Reasons to Not “Satisfy” Your Customers

We’ve all heard there will be 3 billion people coming on to the internet in the next 6 to 8 years. 3 billion people who will have smart devices and who will have high speed internet.  Some may think, “That’s great news – I’m going to have 3 billion new customers!’

I don’t think so.

Rest your eyes: here’s the audio version

These are 3 billion people who have pent up desires and ideas. They want to make a better life for themselves and their family. They’re going to be entrepreneurs. They’re going to be creating products.

Maybe some just like yours.

They’re going to be creating services.

Maybe just like yours.

This is 3 billion competitors coming online.

With the exponential abundance of choices (thx Peter Diamandis!) and the billions of new entrepreneurs coming online soon, you need to create LIFERS – people who aren’t just satisfied, but those who will be with you for a lifetime.

Do you waste time asking customers, members and clients if they are “satisfied” or if they would “recommend you”?  You’re playing a game that already ended.  A satisfied customer will be satisfied with someone else too.

Stop piddling away the precious moments of your customers’ attention by asking if you are a 9 on a 10-point scale.  Customers rarely say “oh wow, they care so much about me that they asked for my opinion on this survey!”  You need to put away last year’s tools and start creating lifers.

Start by learning and applying The 9 Principles of Feedback.  These psychological principles will prevent your customers from looking to the next shiny object and will create clients and customers who are lifers.

Tune in to The 4 Minute Entrepreneur for practical advice you can quickly apply.  Before the next 3 billion new entrepreneurs do!  / Doc

P.S. The 4 Minute Entrepreneur is HERE

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