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The Survey Playbook

All the answers you need to create effective customer surveys...

☑ Have you wasted hours searching for answers on the Internet?
☑ Heard all the bad or obvious advice from web survey companies?
☑ Tried all your colleagues' situation-specific advice?

...Then read The Survey Playbook !
All the solutions you really need are here:

☑ Dramatically increase response rates
☑ Get high quality comments and actionable results
☑ Ask all the right questions in the right way
☑ Eliminate wasteful incentives and survey fatigue

I wish I had this book ten years ago. Anyone who is doing surveys must buy it today. The What, Where, Why, How, When section is worth the price of the book 20X over. - Jim Sellner, Ph.D.

There are ridiculously expensive workshops that are far less informative and useful than this easy-to-read gem. - Stephen Schepman, Ph.D., MBA

I teach research methods and have developed survey instruments for many organizations and am impressed at the quality and accuracy of the advice and instruction given in The Survey Playbook. I enthusiastically recommend it. - Jeff Nicholas, Ph.D.

The Survey Playbook is a sound, how-to guide for drawing out the results you want when using surveys. Doc Champagne's writing style is direct, professional and concise. Read this book first before you ever do a survey. - Robert Rossi, M.S., MBA

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