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5 More Ways To Build Massive Audience With Periscope

5 More Ways to Build Massive Audience with Periscope

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are crowded. But 9.2 million Periscope users restlessly wait for content every day. Your content and 1,000,000 more people are joining Periscope every 10-14 days, staring at their phones every hour to see what value you have to offer. Will you be first in this social media space or wait until other companies are firmly established?

Like Meerkat and the newly launched MyEye, Periscope is a free live-streaming mobile app that allows you to broadcast “scopes” from your mobile device to any viewer on earth in real-time. Once you start your broadcast, Periscope whistles an alert to your followers and announces your broadcast on a global map and list to millions of other users. You then talk to your fans and prospects, answer their questions as they appear in real-time and tell them where they can learn more about your products and services.

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Periscope is not for direct selling or corporate-speak, but a one-on-one way for you to build deeper relationships with your current customers and personally connect with millions more who are not your customers (yet). Here are 5 ways others are using Periscope to exponentially increase their business:

1. Build audience for future live events. Broadcast “scopes” at your tradeshow, conference, or summit. Take brief videos of engaging speakers and thought-leaders and answer questions from viewers. Show them what they are missing by doing a scope at your after-event party or social gathering.

2. Illustrate new products. Demonstrate product features with your scope. Answer questions and distribute coupon codes to viewers. Encourage viewers to share the re-broadcast with friends (available for 24 hours on Periscope and forever on or YouTube).

3. Familiarity breeds trust. Broadcast from the office and walk the hallways and rooms to introduce customers and prospects to the people (and pets?) that make your organization awesome. Give viewers an insider’s view of soon-to-be-released products or ideas in development.

4. World’s best tutorials. Conduct a live tutorial to showcase your product and allow customers to ask questions that you can immediately answer. Problems that one user has can be identified and solutions illustrated to all.

5. World’s best feedback sessions. Ask viewers about what new features, products or services they want or need. Gather their feedback on issues and trending topics in your industry. Display a promo code or send them a freemium as a token of thanks.

Next week I will share some of the best specific uses of Periscope I have seen in multiple industries. Tell us what your company is doing in the comment box below. Follow me on Twitter @EvaluationGuy   / Doc

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