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Who’s In YOUR Mastermind?

Who’s in YOUR Mastermind?

Personal development and Business “Masterminds” are all the rage. If you ran your own Mastermind, which legendary experts would you invite to join you?

This may sound strange, but I run my own “Legendary Mastermind” and the members don’t know they are in it. Stranger yet, one of them is no longer on Earth!

Let me explain. Like many others, I’ve been frustrated by the process and outcomes of some of the free and paid masterminds I’ve joined. Which shouldn’t be surprising since masterminds involve multiple people and thus susceptible to all the psychological dynamics of groups (e.g., groupthink, differential equity, diffusion of responsibility).

Unless a mastermind is project-based [hat-tip to Dr. Jennifer Brenton], members likely have different goals and purposes and needs and timelines. Compound these dynamics with the reality of members having wide differences in experience and in different stages of their businesses and you can see how unlikely it is that everyone in the mastermind will benefit equally from their membership.
Like many others, I’ve also been hugely distracted by the endless number of offers and emails and advice from well-meaning gurus wanting to share their wisdom. There are not enough hours in the day to READ this wisdom, let alone time to ACT on it. To be successful we need to FOCUS.

Thus, the “Legendary Mastermind”

Rather than invest another year with a new group in hopes of it being mutually beneficial, this season I created my own Mastermind composed of experienced and successful business leaders and teachers who have already been down the path I’m traveling.

Rather than get caught in the whirlpool of worn-out wisdom, I focus solely on the words of these 5 leaders knowing that less is more and that action is better than simply absorbing. Each day I spend an hour listening to one of these Mastermind members from their widely available resources (YouTube, Scribd, podcasts), or reading from one of their books off my shelf. I keep a business issue or problem in mind and consider their advice on how to apply it to the problem, taking notes and most importantly, taking action.

It’s one hour per day, but I can’t think of a better way to spend an hour, focused on learning from the best and thinking about how a legendary expert would solve a current problem. Nothing is new under the sun and neither is any problem I can bring to any Mastermind “hot seat”.

Who would you invite to join your business or personal “Legendary Mastermind” and why? Comment below or can privately ANSWER HERE and I’ll share your anonymous ideas.

Now they should be someone real and living (i.e., don’t choose Socrates or Yoda!) or at least alive during your lifetime (i.e., could be Steve Jobs or Napoleon Hill, depending on how old you are), who has a body of teaching and wisdom that you can draw from.

Here are my teachers for this season and the reasons why they are a member (shhh, don’t tell them, they don’t know!):

Dan Sullivan – has coached more entrepreneurs than most anybody on Earth. I have pencil and paper handy listening to his podcasts because of all the actionable advice. Unbelievable how much he gives away for free in his videos & podcasts. With Dan, you know you are hearing the wisdom of the ages and not the swirl of what’s-hot-now advice.

Best sources: (1) “The multiplier mindsetpodcast – from years 2016-2017 (more recent episodes are all guests rather than just Dan); (2) “Inside Strategic Coach” podcast; (3) “Exponential Wisdom” podcast with Peter Diamandis

T. Harv Eker – I saw Harv live in 2003 and he turned my mind around. It inspired me to learn my “net worth” and was devastated to see it was only like $90K – after 10 years of hard work! Put Harv’s advice into action and exceeded $1 million net worth 6 years later. Can’t argue with results. Harv gives away more incredible advice in his free trainings (where he then sells his courses) than most people give in their actual courses. Caution: he’s “tough love” so may not be for everyone! 🙂

Best sources: (1) Sign up for any free evergreen webinar at his HarvEker site and you’ll get cycled through all his trainings eventually; (2) Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – I have the CDs, not the book, because I think Harv is best heard

Ray Edwards – just the most honest, down-to-earth loveable person you’ll meet at his level.
He was copywriter to Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, and so many more. His PASTOR method of teaching copywriting is the best out there and should be required learning for anyone trying to sell anything. He still does invite-only intensive copywriting training, but also teaches entrepreneurs how to “prosper” with his Prosperous Business Academy.
[Best sources: (1) The Ray Edwards Show podcast; (2) “How to Write Copy that Sells” (as of today it’s just 7 bucks); and (3) his website to stay connected.

Jim Rohn – Ok, so he’s no longer alive, but he influenced nearly everyone after him. Can listen to 50 “gurus” who repeat what Rohn said, or… just go back to the original source.

Best sources: (1) any video on YouTube, he’s best in action; (2) “Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness” – try to find any other book on Amazon with a higher rating than this one – for good reason, it’s a life-changer.

Who else should be in the Legendary Mastermind? Lisa Bloom – the world’s best Story Coach? Pamela Wilson – who simplifies the complex at Big Brand Systems? Mark Shaw – tough love “anti-social media” expert? Alan Weiss – the million dollar consultant? Chet Holmes? Chalene Johnson? Eckhart Tolle? Gary Vee? Darren Scott Monroe?

Who would you invite to join your business or personal “Legendary Mastermind” and why? Have a Legendary week!

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